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Meet Eileen,Psychic Conduit & Medium...

Why come to me?


Not Happy? Don't pay me!

You have nothing to lose (except a bit of time) and everything to gain. It's very rare that a client is unhappy with their reading, but it does happen. I ask each client if they are happy with their reading and if they are not, I will not accept payment.


I offer in-person readings if it is convenient for you, but I am happy to say that my readings work just as well over the phone. Whether you live far away, the driving conditions are bad or you just want to stay home, the information that comes through is exactly the same.

Free Digital Copy

If you're happy with your reading I offer digital audio recordings which I will gladly email to you free of charge.  

My Motivation

Years ago I asked God to put me where he needed me, to help others and be of service. Here I am utilizing his gifts that I've had all my life. 

I never know what's going to come through in a reading, but it's always what you need and usually what you want!

Very few things make me happier than when a client receives the information necessary to change their lives for the better!